5 Ways to Use the Peters Township Action Line

Did you know about the online citizens request line?

Did you know about Peters Township's online action line? The Web page "allows visitors to request information, submit requests for service or submit comments for review," according to a statement on the page.

Here are just five things that the page allows you to do:

1. Submit a police tip: You can use this form to notify the Peters Township Police Department of potential or occurring criminal activities.

2. Request tax appeals: You can use this form to request a tax appeal application. Appeals may be filed for earned income and local services taxes.

3. Report an abandoned or junk car: Yep. That's what this form is for.

4. Try to fix that broken swing: You can use this form to request services and information specific to playgrounds only.

5. Try to install that sign: You can use this form to report a missing street name sign.

Here is a full list of the things that you could do on the action line page.


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