Utility companies around the world are replacing electric, gas and water analog meters with pulsed radiation smart meter networks, which are costing us money, privacy, and our health and safety.

Smart Meters, (also called AMI, or AMR) eliminate meter reader jobs and are part of the “Smart Grid”, which is an expensive wireless system installed on our homes, businesses, and in our environment that customers pay for.  It’s being installed without informed consent and without full disclosure of how they work, and what they can do with the personal data they collect.  Customers and the media report serious complaints about Smart Meters for the following reasons:
Cybersecurity threat
Privacy invasion
Health hazard
Fires, explosions and burnt out appliances
Environmental degradation
Cost increases

And, because power plants are being shut and no new plants being approved by the EPA, the "smart meters" will be used to ration electricity.  Rolling brown-outs and blackouts, like California now has, will be our future.

Write to the PA PUC and file a formal, written complaint, demand an exemption from the installation of a "smart meter" on your home.

Call, write,email and fax Rep. Robert Godshall (http://www.bobgodshall.com/) who is stonewalling legislation that would give consumers the choice to refuse a "smart meter;"  his son is in charge of the "smert meter" program at PECO, and Rep. Godshall has been given $28,000.00 in campaign contributions from electric utilities, to date. (http://votesmart.org/search?q=Robert+Godshall&cx=004674700904797117618%3Aiqzskagjgeo&cof=FORID%3A11)

We can stop this outrage if we all work together to beat back the special interests.
Tom McCarey
Berwyn, PA


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