UPDATED: Bebout Trail Bridge to Close for Final Construction

Beginning Feb. 7, the road will be closed for several months to construct and connect the Arrowhead Trail bridge.

Bebout Road, near Valley Brook Road, is beginning Feb. 7. The closure will continue for several months while the Arrowhead Trail bridge is constructed. 

The road was first closed in the fall while the concrete trail overpass was demolished.

The township told residents the closures would take place in late February, however steel for the project is being delivered sooner than planned, according to the township.

The township is preparing signs, and detours (Justabout and Thomas roads) will be posted. Businesses will remain open on Valley Brook Road during the road closure.

The school district staff said bus routes were established this year with these closures in mind. Any delays in student bus schedules, they said, should be minor (approximately 5 minutes) and will largely be dependent on traffic that may result from the closures and detours.

Parents will be alerted to significant changes (more than 10-15 minutes) in schedules via the district's phone notification system.

For Montour Trail information, visit http://www.montourtrail.org/. For township information and update, visit http://www.peterstownship.com/.

Peters Resident January 30, 2012 at 02:25 PM
Why can Bethel Park put a bridge up in 3 days yet it will take Peters months?
Bob11 February 03, 2012 at 08:18 PM
The work on the new Arrowhead Trail Bridge will require several weeks to place new beams and construct a new deck and approaches. The bridge is basically being built from scratch. The Montour Trail Bridge over Clifton Road was an existing bridge moved from another location. The bridge simply needed to be transported and lifted into place already built, which requires less time. These bridges are typically old highway bridges or come from old steel mills, railroads or industrial sites. They are ideal for use by trail groups and communities, but are difficult to find in good condition at the correct length. Be patient. I am affected by the detour too. Their are countless volunteers and community leaders working to make the Trail a vibrant and attractive asset for the whole community. In addition, safety and efficiency at the Valleybrook-Bebout intersection will be vastly improved with better sightlines and improved clearances.
Roger February 03, 2012 at 11:11 PM
Bob11, I understand your point about existing bridges. I didn't realize the Clifton bridge was existing. So, assuming the Bebout bridge cannot be outfitted with a used one from some other location, why isn't a new one constructed offsite, and lifted into place like the Clifton Bridge? Closing down the road for several weeks to build an "on site" bridge seems very inefficient. With prestressed concrete bridge components, a simple bridge like this should be able to be done like a Tinker-Toy, not something built from scratch at location. The bridge on Rt 19, across Rt 519 is another example of a very, very long time. Why aren't bridges put in these locations that are "drop in" components, requiring much less on-site time, and road closures. How long was the Rt 19 site disrupted? It seemed like 18 months, maybe longer. This strategy seems very inefficient, both from a build viewpoint, and road closure viewpoint. I was involved in building bridges in the 70s. It seems like bridge building has regressed. Many bridges were of components in that era, and it seems like all the bridged now are custom built for each site. What am I missing?
Steven Doerfler February 20, 2012 at 04:00 PM
The Montour Trail includes a number of bridges recycled from other locations, but the bridge over Clifton Road isn't one of them. It was built off-site by American Bridge Manufacturing. Their site has construction photos. Direct link: http://preview.tinyurl.com/cliftonbridge I don't know why they did that one off-site but not the Bebout Road one. I'd guess either technical engineering reasons or cost. Also, note that the trail was closed at Clifton Road for a year as they prepared the site (though the road closure was much shorter), while at Bebout the trail should be closed for only 6 months or so. By some measures the new bridge should go up much faster.
Aloofnd April 27, 2012 at 12:12 PM
One set of closures at Bebout was to demolish the 1913 Montour Railroad Bridge. There was no demolition phase at Clifton Road.


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