Pa. Student Suspended for Asking Miss America to Prom

The student had been warned by officials not to pop the question, but did so anyway.

Miss America Nina Davuluri (Patch file photo)
Miss America Nina Davuluri (Patch file photo)
A York high school senior was suspended this week -- for asking Miss America to prom.

Nina Davuluri was doing a question-and-answer session at Central York High School when Patrick Farves, 18, stood and asked her to accompany him to the dance, USA Today reported.

Farves presented Davuluri with a fake flower while his fellow students cheered, USA Today said. Davuluri just laughed. 

The school didn't think it was a laughing matter, however. Officials had heard about Farves' plan in advance and had warned him not to go through with it, USA Today said. When he didn't heed their warning, he was given a three-day in-school suspension. 

Davuluri was at the school talking to students about diversity, USA Today said.
Dzeldaz April 21, 2014 at 11:58 AM
What happened to being able to be a kid? How much suppression can a generation handle without eventually exploding? The school could have let Miss America know about the question so she could have prepared a great response. Perhaps the school could have worked with the situation and made it a an educational experience. The student could have had a math lesson figuring out the chances of Miss America saying yes. There could have been an article written for the school paper about the experience. There student could have been coached in the etiquette necessary for his question. Wow, so much lost opportunity. And we wonder what is wrong with education in this country. The handling of this situation is what is wrong.
Barry Gellman April 22, 2014 at 10:40 AM
my son got a time out for making a gun out of two blocks , he is four . Nuff Said ? Liberals !
KPez April 22, 2014 at 02:57 PM
I don't think the act of what the kid did was a big deal at all. After all, kids will be kids, and this seems like typical teen behavior these days. The issue is not whether or not it was harmless, but that the kid was told not to do it by the school, and did it anyway. It's interesting that we have reached a point in culture where everyone wants their autonomy with a disregard for authority, which is sentiment of so many of the comments. The kid was fully aware that his actions would get him in trouble, and chose to do it anyway. Therefore consequences were necessary, not for the action, but for the, "so what" attitude. High School is a world all its own of non-realities. Reality check - in a couple years when you hold a job, the same disregard gets you fired. We have reached a place where high school behavior reaches all the way into the mid-twenties, and we have produced a culture of entitled, juvenile "kidults," as I like to call them.
Kevin April 23, 2014 at 09:51 AM
Miss Davuluri was giving a serious presentation about STEM and the school administrators were attempting to keep the Q&A session on topic in order for the students to get the most from the session. He was warned to not pose the question and did it anyways. the suspension is a good lesson for him to learn before he reaches adulthood. He could have chosen to ask her after the Q&A session completed instead.
harryfinster April 23, 2014 at 11:01 AM
of course the schools have such great abilities to educate and every word they say true,so there should never be any questioning of their authority


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