Peter Cottontail Hops into Peters

The Easter Bunny hopped over to the Peters Township Community Recreation Center for the Bunny Hop.

On Saturday, lots of parents packed their kids in the car and said, “Let’s go to the hop!” They were referring to the Peters Township ’s annual Bunny Hop. The event thrilled lots of area boys and girls with fun and games, and of course, the prerequisite visit from the big bunny himself.

Droves of children rushed the community center where they threw balls, bowled and searched for special prizes hidden inside Easter eggs. The kids could also paint, color and glue all sorts of Easter-related crafts at several long tables filled with buttons, beads, crayons, markers, glue sticks and various other art supplies.

Children were in bright spirits on a soggy Saturday—they were entertained for hours.

A long line formed around Rebecca Kanar of www.abcballoontwisting.net. Kanar is an award-winning balloon artist. She twisted swords, pirate hats, fairy wings and an assortment of fantastic air-filled creatures.

Of course, the guest of honor, the Easter Bunny, also got a good deal of attention. Several children ran up to the furry character. Parents snapped photo keepsakes of the moment.

The event lasted from 10 a.m. to noon, costing residents a $5 fee (non-residents paid a little extra for the experience; they had to fork over $7 for the festivities).

Easter is only a week away and the excitement is building in the youngsters.

Next year, you might want to hop down to the Community Recreation Center and hang out with Peter Cottontail and his friends.


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