Back to School: Know the Dress Code, Upcoming Events and More

If you're kids attend the high school, their principal, Lori A. Pavlik has a message for them—and you.

If you're kids attend the high school, their principal, Lori A. Pavlik has a message for them—and you.
If you're kids attend the high school, their principal, Lori A. Pavlik has a message for them—and you.
As August creeps by, it gets closer to the first day of school at Peters Township School District.

If you're kids attend the high school, their principal, Lori A. Pavlik has a message for them—and you.

In a recent back-to-school statement, Pavlik wrote, "We can't wait to see our returning students and to get to know the new faces
 joining the PTHS family!"

Here are five things from her welcome back statement that you need to know about:

1. Peters Township High School will host a college fair Oct. 8 in conjunction
with Mt. Lebanon and Upper St. Clair High Schools. Save the date on your calendar and look for more details once the school year begins.

2. Guidance counselors will be armed with a new tool to help students through the college search. The counseling department will be utilizing a new program called Naviance. "Naviance is an online software program offering a wide range of college search tools, career assessments, and college admissions data. The college admissions process itself will also be easier to maneuver and more efficient. Using the Naviance system students can communicate directly with their counselor, apply for scholarships, apply to colleges and universities, and request transcripts and letters of recommendation," Pavlik wrote. 

3. The high school Parent Teacher Student Association will be sponsor a Welcome Back Night on Aug. 20—and all parents are encouraged to get involved.  "It is the strong partnership between our dedicated staff and our committed parents that allows our students to reach their highest potential. "Please continue to reach out to your child's teachers, counselors, or assistant principal when necessary."

4. The scores for the state-mandated Keystone test were received this summer. Please note that students who scored Basic or Below Basic in algebra 1 or literature may be placed in a core English or core math class for remediation. This includes any senior who was basic or below basic, juniors who were basic or below basic, and any student who took the test two times and was overall basic or below basic. A separate remediation plan is being developed for students who were basic or below basic on the Keystone biology exam.

5. Be cognizant of the dress code. Pavlik wrote, "As we strive to create and maintain an atmosphere characterized by respect, we recognize that appearance is one of the first and most significant ways that we communicate this respect. While we support each student's individuality and freedom of expression, we must consider our role in promoting a positive school culture and preparing students for appropriate presentation of themselves." Need to be more familiar with dress code? 

Here it is courtesy of the PTSD website:
1. Tank tops must have straps of at least 2 inches in width. Tube-tops/strapless shirts or one-shoulder tops are not permitted. 

2. Students are not permitted to wear clothing that is revealing including bare midriffs or low-cut shirts. Students are not permitted to wear clothing that exposes any type of undergarment. 

3. Clothing may not be suggestive, vulgar, obscene, disturbing, or distracting. 

4. Clothing must not be excessively tight. 

5. Shorts must have a minimum of a 4 inch inseam. Dresses and skirts must be at least mid-thigh in length. 

6. Chains and/or chain wallets are not permitted on school property during the day and/or at any school function. 

7. Clothing should be free of holes that reveal skin or undergarments above mid-thigh. 

8. Appropriate footwear is required. (examples: shoes, boots, sneakers, flip-flops) 

9. Students may be instructed to wear hair coverings, aprons, smocks, or some other proper apparel in specific classes such as physical education, family and consumer science, technology education, or art class for health and safety reasons. 

10. When a student is representing the school as a participant in an extracurricular activity such as a sporting event, school contest, or other activity, he/she will dress according to the guidelines of the teacher, coach, or sponsor in charge. Coaches will be responsible for specifying appropriate uniform dress for home and away athletic events. 

11. Clothing and/or accessories may not advertise or promote the use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco products, and/or bear offensive words or illustrations. 

12. Hats of any kind are not permitted to be worn inside of the building. This includes bandanas/scarves/hoods. 


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