New Name for Moo Moo Frozen Yogurt Is ...

The McMurray store owner had a difficult time choosing the new name.

Moo Moo Frozen Yogurt is changing its name to Cowtastic.

It's taken about six months of going back and forth with attorneys to find a name that wouldn't cause any legal issues, according to owner Frank Chao. Chao was forced to change the name because Moo Moo's Yogurt Bar in Greenbrier, AK claimed Moo Moo Frozen Yogurt infringed on its trademark.

A customer named Betsy submitted the Cowtastic choice and won a $100 gift card to the McMurray froyo shop.

"We want to thank her for coming up with the name," Chao said.

The name transfer will happen during the next few weeks. The Facebook website is down as it is being changed.

Other than the signage and logos, nothing else will change, according to Chao. The high quality of yogurt and customer service will remain the same. Also, Moo Moo gift cards will still be accepted and loyalty points will not expire.

Cowtastic will be opening a second Pittsburgh location in Bethel Park in February.

The original Moo Moo Frozen Yogurt in Fort Lauderdale, FL will also be changing its name, but it won't be Cowtastic.

What do you think about the new name Cowtastic? Tell us in the comments.


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