Firehouse Subs Opens New 'Station' in McMurray

The firehouse-themed submarine sandwich shop opens its doors Friday.

The new buzzword in dining these days is "fast casual," such as Panera Bread, Qdoba, and Chipotle, which all fall under the umbrella. This Friday, you can add Firehouse Subs to the list of "fast casual" food.

The store, relatively new to the Pennsylvania market, located at 126 Gallery Drive, near the , is a franchise with 440 locations.

According to a release, the shop is renowned for hearty, oversized portions and piping hot subs. The chain is famous for premium meats and cheeses piled high atop toasted sub rolls served with fresh produce.

“I chose Firehouse Subs because the brand has high-quality food and service standards, in addition to the their involvement with the community through the Firehouse Subs Foundation,” said Franchisee Abeer Kronawetter.

Firehouse Subs was founded in Jacksonville, Fla. by former firefighting brothers Chris and Robin Sorensen. The sub shop offers oversized portions of premium hand-sliced meats and cheeses, steamed to make the flavors burst, then piled high with fresh produce atop a toasted sub roll. The restaurants reflect the authentic firefighter heritage of the founding family’s 200 years of firefighting service.

The McMurray restaurant is decorated with artifacts and pictures of well-known area fire scenes. Customized for the community, a hand-painted mural boasts a Peters Township fire truck. Most significantly the mural serves as a memorial to the franchisee’s parents and "a proud reminder of their incredible accomplishments."

Firehouse Subs features Specialty Subs on the menu, such as the No. 1 selling Hook & Ladder known as the “Best Sub in Town,” and the New York Steamer, both named after fire trucks.

The Hook & Ladder includes smoked turkey and Virginia honey ham smothered with Monterey Jack cheese. The New York Steamer, inspired by New York delicatessens, combines corned beef brisket and pastrami topped with provolone. All large Specialty Subs boast a half-pound of meat. Firehouse Subs’ intense flavors result from a unique steaming method, which perfectly complements the natural qualities of the premium meats and cheeses.

In 2005, Firehouse Subs created the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation with the mission of providing funding, life-saving equipment, and educational opportunities to first-responders. Through a nonprofit, Firehouse has given more than $2.6 million to hometown heroes, impacting 225 communities.  

“People come back again and again because, unlike other sub places, we steam our meats and cheeses, releasing a rush of flavors, then stuff a serving that’s way over code on one of our toasted private recipe sub rolls," founders/brothers Chris and Robin Sorensen state on their website. "It’s a winning combination that satisfies ravenous appetites and the value conscious alike.”

Firehouse Subs is located at 126 Gallery Drive in McMurray, and is open Sunday through Thursday 10:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., and Friday and Saturday 10:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.  

For more information about Firehouse Subs, visit firehousesubs.com

Find them on Facebook, and Twitter too.

Jeremey Walidis February 27, 2012 at 07:21 PM
The food is good (Steamed NY Deli Style Sandwiches) BUT...sadly the facts are the Founders, Chris & Robin Sorensen's business practices are extremely bad. Firehouse Subs Fraud Facts [Full Background Story] : http://goo.gl/v3fNl Firehouse Subs Fraud Facts [Downloadable Documents] : http://goo.gl/oLV4l Firehouse Subs Fraud Facts [Judge / Jury Verdict] : http://goo.gl/f7eVY


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