Gas Drilling Air Problems May Trump Water Pollution, Health Project Says

A health study on the impact of gas drilling says that air pollution may cause more problems than water contamination.

Natural gas drilling site (Patch file photo).
Natural gas drilling site (Patch file photo).
By Susan Koomar

Skin rashes, headaches, dizziness and eye irritation are some of the effects suffered by Washington County residents as an alleged result of gas drilling-related air pollution, according to information gathered by the Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project (SWPA-EHP).

Air pollution could pose a greater threat than water contamination, according to an investigation into the impact of natural gas drilling, StateImpact reports.

An environmental expert quoted by The Associated Press said that more work is needed to determine what caused the health problems reported by Washington County residents.

The SWPA-EHP urges residents to track their symptoms and environmental changes in their community by keeping a "health diary."

The SWPA-EHP is a nonprofit environmental health organization that assists Washington County residents who believe that their health has been affected by natural gas drilling.


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