Learn to Stage Your Home for Spring

Five home staging tips from local realtor Karen Buzzatto.

Karen Buzzatto helps clients see a home's potential from day to day. A real estate agent for Keller Williams, she lives and works in Peters, and has 20 years experience in interior design and space planning. Buzzatto offers free home staging if you list your home with her. She understands the value of redesigning, decluttering and presenting your home to the market in "tip top condition." 

Are you looking to sell? Perhaps you're attempting a fresh start for spring? Here are her top five tips for getting your house in order and market-worthy.

1. Brighten up your front door.  The curb appeal of each house starts with the focal point at the front door. Paint the door a color that contrasts with the brick or siding. Add a vibrant springtime wreath to pleasantly invite and welcome potential buyers.

2. Clean up the exterior. As soon as you can, sweep away outdoor winter debris and eliminate all past seasonal decoration. Consider some frost-free potted plants by the entrance way to give the front a fresh spring look before the forsythias bloom.

3. Wash the windows inside and out. Dust sills and frames, and eliminate winter grime from screens. To get better results from your cleaner, pick a cloudy day. Direct sunlight makes the cleaner dry too quickly, leaving streaks behind. 

4. Eliminate closet clutter. If you store away your winter wardrobe, especially bulky sweaters, you will impress buyers with the appearance of more space. Use a natural cedar bar to protect your fine woolens from moths.

5. Open the windows. Fresh air on warmer mornings is the best way to air out the house. Household orders remain stagnant in the winter months, so there is no better way to eliminate odors from cooking and pets than to open the windows each day. Bring in the fresh air and you will bring in a buyer!

To reach Buzzatto, and to learn more about selling your home, visit her website. She is also affiliated with energizedseller.com and stagedhomes.com. If you are selling your home be sure to reach out to the editor; we'll include your home in Friday's . E-mail andrea.bosco@patch.com.


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