McMurray-Based Fitness Businesses Join Forces

An open house is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 8.

The Pilates Body and Lakeview Yoga have joined forces and moved to a brand new studio in Lake View Square in Peters Township.

The 2,300 square foot, eco-friendly studio accommodates nearly 30 classes
per week in both Pilates and yoga.

"We are very excited to bring quality Pilates and yoga ... to Peters Township," said The Pilates Body owner and Peters Township resident Colleen Dachille. "Our new studio and added equipment can accommodate more students in all of our classes. And our affiliation with Lakeview Yoga allows us to offer authentic hatha yoga classes taught by experienced and Yoga Alliance certified teachers. Our focus is on the individual and meeting the "mind/body" fitness needs of this community. Something that has been missing until now."

Lakeview Yoga is owned by Peters residents and yoga instructors Kate Olson and
Jamie McLean.

"Jamie and I are both long-time yoga instructors and practitioners. Living in Washington County we were often driving 40 minutes to an hour just to take good yoga classes or to teach," Olson said. "And I know we aren’t the only Peters residents driving out of the area to attend yoga classes. When Colleen approached us with the opportunity to teach at a brand new studio, we didn’t hesitate. We are incredibly inspired to bring yoga to our own community."

The Pilates Body and Lakeview Yoga both place emphasis on the mind and body connection. Their teachers instruct students on physical alignment, breath and strength work that doesn’t end when the class is over. Students are taught to engage particular muscles when driving their car, washing dishes, playing tennis or running to promote healing or decrease risk of injury.

Pilates and yoga are both appropriate for everyone from teenagers participating in sports to seniors wanting to stay active without joint pain.

If you want to learn more about Pilates and yoga, The Pilates Body and Lakeview Yoga is inviting the public to attend their grand opening from 6 to 8 p.m. on Oct. 8. The celebration includes meeting the instructors, studio tours, prizes, and wine and cheese.

"You're not going to walk into the class and not have a connection with the teacher," Olson said.

"We try to create the ambiance of where people want to come and feel comfortable," Dachille said. "I think the coolest thing about this is after a month or two, you won't believe what your body can do.

"It'll make you a better student, a better parent, a better friend."

The Pilates Body and Lakeview Yoga are located at 4000 Washington Rd., Suite 103, directly across the street from Donaldson’s Crossroads in Peters Township and behind Juniper Grill.


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