Overseas Interior Design Trend Comes To Peters

Check out CustomPhotoBlinds.com

A Peters Township business has a new way for you to display your favorite photos—on your window blinds!

Clair An and her husband, Michael, launched CustomPhotoBlinds.com in September.

Clair is from Korea, where photo blinds are common. She said they're also popular in England. The website is a way for people in Peters and across the United States to enjoy the trend as well.

"Personally I think they're absolutely beautiful and add such a nice flavor to the room you're in. I've never seen anything like it before she started this business. It's a great way to display a picture of your loved one in a very unique way," said Michael Sebetich.

Sebetich also said landscape pictures make great photo blinds.

"You can make it look like outside of the window, there's a beach," he said. "It is really a unique product that is practically non-existent in North America."

Buying photo blinds are simple. Just go to the website and fill out a seven-step form. The price is $59.99 for basic blinds. The process takes about five to seven business days.


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