Electric jar and bottle opener - $25

This is a new, unused power operated jar and bottle opener called the Open Up manufactured by Appliance Science Corp. of Connecticut. It was first introduced in 1992 at the International Housewares Show. The following is essentially the brief news write up of this item:

"Take for instance the Open Up, a "power twist jar opener" sold by Appliance Science Corporation of South Norwalk, Conn. The $35 Open Up is an inverted plastic cone whose inner surface is covered with thin strips of steel, not unlike the metal on a wood rasp. When a jar is pushed up into the device, the cone turns slowly to twist open the lid. It is battery powered (4 D cells) mounted under a cabinet and works on any lid sizes from 1 inch to four inches in diameter."

"This was invented by an Illinois farmer whose wife had arthritis," said Sallie Kreda, an Appliance Science spokeswoman."

Although the company has discontinued offering this product, reviews can be found here:


Call 412-835-8262


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