Hand quilting hoop - $200

This is the famous hand quilting square hoop design known as the Grace Hoop Squared manufactured by The Grace Company.  The one we are selling is the largest size of 24 inches square.  The first photo shown is the one we are offering and the second is from the Grace website indicating how it is used.  The lamp shown is an optional purchase from Grace and is not included in either their price or ours because we felt that it was unnecessary.  
We recommend that you visit their website where you can see all the details about this product:  www.graceframe.com/site/hoops/hoop2

Our hoop has been used only once and is essentially in new condition.  Plus we include a pair of leaders shown in the 3rd photo that we purchased to provide side tension on the quilt when using the hoop.

Typical reviews found on the Internet are:

1)  Great Hoop Aug 30, 2011 Pam Mann Elliston VA 
     I am currently borrowing this frame from a friend and working on a full size quilt. I am loving it. I had mostly worked in a square PVC frame and was tired of sometimes not achieving the angle I wanted or needed without shifting around in my seat and propping the frame on a sofa arm or my knees. The Grace frame is very easy to adjust and maneuver allowing for the perfect angle every time. I am hoping to get it as a Christmas gift. Great Product ----

2) From Spokane WA,  Dec 13, 2012 
   My wife is a hand quilter and she wanted a stand for quilting, sometime the quilting frame is just too big for the living room. She had been looking at other quilting stands when she found this one on the internet, and she really likes it.

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