Would You Travel 280 Miles to Adopt a Sick Cat?

An animal lover drove across Pennsylvania to adopt a cat with a disability.

Photo courtesy of The Sanctuary at Haafsville.
Photo courtesy of The Sanctuary at Haafsville.
By Susan Koomar

An animal shelter near Allentown reports that someone drove all the way from Pittsburgh—about 280 miles—to adopt a cat that has a disability.

The Sanctuary at Haafsville posted on its Facebook page that a blonde cat named Heather found a new home on Sunday.

Heather wobbles when she walks because of a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia. The disorder is found in cats and dogs born with a cerebellum that is not completely developed.

The condition doesn't worsen, and most animals learn to compensate and live a normal lifespan, according to the website Life with CH Cats.


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