Proof from England:  speed cameras increase accidents, injuries, and deaths:  the UK government's safety claims do not stand up under honest statistical scrutiny  (www.thenewspaper.com/news/44/4433.asp).Camera enforcement in Pennsylvania must be banned immediately.

Pro-camera studies fail to account for  the statistical phenomenon known as regression to the mean. Speed cameras are often installed in locations that have experienced an unusually high number of collisions.  Even without taking any corrective steps, accidents will likely fall back to the average or mean number of collisions.  In fact, you are safer on the highway without photo RADAR and red light ticket cameras.

Yet the people who profit from photo traffic enforcement,  the politicians,  the auto insurers,  the camera makers and their army of lobbyists, the police and the courts,  claim big reductions in accidents even as the Philadelphia Police Department reports an increase in accidents at every camera-controlled intersection.  Corporate profits and government spending are more important to these people than the lives of motorists.

Over 40 independent studies show that camera enforcement for profit increases accidents, injuries and deaths (www.bhspi.org).   It is time we confront the promoters of these fraudulent devices and vote them out of office.
Thank you.

Tom McCarey

Berwyn, PA 19312
610 687 7607


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