Reel One in at Trax Farms

Fishing at Trax Farms can be very relaxing, even if you’re not the one doing it.

This week’s Great Escape takes us to . This local treasure has been around since 1865, so you probably are already familiar with its many attributes which draw customers, and attention, from near and far. You may be surprised, however, to find out what brings us to Trax Farms today.

We’re not going there for its homegrown produce, hand-cranked cookies, homemade deli salads or many other delectable foods. We are going there neither to browse its garden shop or greenhouse nor to explore its gift shop featuring country linens, tableware and decorations. A tour, seasonal event or chance to meet the sixth generation of Trax family to own and operate the farm is not what invites us on this day.

Today we visit Trax Farms to fish.

Off of Turkeyfoot Road, near the market, there sits a pond roughly one acre in size. The Trax family allows the public to fish on this pond for free. And, according to Ross Trax, since the pond is on private farmland, you do not need a Pennsylvania fishing license to fish there. 

The Trax family asks that you not fish any of the other ponds on its farm and that you respect its land by cleaning up after yourself and using common sense in your endeavors. While it holds the pond open to the public all day long and year-round, the family discourages any potentially dangerous activities such as fishing at night or ice fishing.

The pond is naturally stocked by ducks, irrigation and other farm conditions. Pond stock varies from year to year, but typically consists of pan fish, bluegill and large-mouth bass. 

Because the pond is heavily fished, the Trax family prefers that you practice catch and release fishing so that stock is not significantly depleted. However, the pond is not regulated to enforce this preference. Nonetheless, you should treat each fish with the respect it deserves as both a living creature and a food source—if you choose not to catch and release, you may opt instead to cook and serve.

So, mom, if you like to fish, grab your gear and put that “Gone Fishing” sign on your door. The pond at Trax Farms is an easily accessible destination for the occasional fisherwoman who has neither a fishing license nor expert angling skills.

Spring has officially sprung. Here’s your chance to go outside after being cooped up all winter, your chance to escape the buzz of household devices and rediscover the simple beauty of the outdoors. No need to put on full makeup or fashionably style your hair. You don’t have to dress to impress. Your only companion on this trip is another mom—Mother Nature—and she likes you au naturel.

Maybe fishing isn’t your thing? No worries, the pond at Trax Farms can still provide you with a Great Escape. Have Daddy—or, Grandpa or Uncle Mark—take the kids there to fish for a few hours while you spend the afternoon home alone. 

Light some candles, get out the bath salts and take a nice, long soak in the tub. Pour a glass of wine and catch up on that incredible book you started reading, or writing, last fall. Rent a movie of your choice from redbox and order take-out from . Your home is your castle and you’ve got it all to yourself, so treat yourself like a queen.


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