Who Do You Want to See on Peters Patch?

Nominate your friends and neighbors whose accomplishments, hobbies and passions you’d like to see highlighted on the site.

There are a lot of interesting people in —and I should know! I'm lucky enough to get paid to meet those residents and tell our township's stories each and every day.

However, I still can’t meet everyone, and that’s where I need you—the readers—to help me out. 

I’m going to be writing more personality profiles on Peters Patch highlighting interesting and influential newsmakers around town. That might include a , or a story about open to the community and surrounding areas. This includes students doing amazing things in the , too. 

Got a fabulous garden? Perhaps you could be nominated for a  from the  this summer and be highlighted on Patch.

Who would you like to see profiled on Peters Patch?

Leave your suggestions in the comments below or email them to me: andrea.bosco@patch.com

Tell me the name of the person you think should be nominated, as well as why you’d like to see them highlighted on the site. 


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