Newtown, Connecticut Atrocity - Are We Doomed to Endure More Such Incidents?

Easy access to high-powered weapons by homicidal misfits and media glorification of the notorious combine in a lethal mix.

As we attempt to digest the horror of the latest chapter in the gun mass murder epidemic, I wish to address two issues:

(1) Assuming for the moment that the Second Amendment permits virtually anyone to acquire multiple guns with no need to demonstrate that the purchaser is mentally stable or capable of using the weapon safely, why must we also make it easy for anyone to acquire firearms that are suited for war, designed to mow down as many human beings as possible within seconds? 

In his heartfelt and emotional statement about the Newtown, Connecticut atrocity, President Obama said, "We are going to have to come together and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this regardless of the politics," which I take to mean the consideration of changes to the easy access to high-powered arsenals which have helped to facilitate mayhem. I believe a bipartisan majority of Congress will respond, "Drop dead, Mr. President. You are not running for election again; we are. You are not as important as the National Rifle Association."

(2) One would wonder why suicidal misfits are intent on slaughtering innocent people before they take their own life. I believe I know the answer. They receive in death the notoriety, or what they see as the fame which they were not able to achieve on this earth. They know that mass murderers become well known, their names and photographs are placed on the pages of newspapers and magazines, often in more prominent spaces than those of the victims, and that if they had some grievance against society, they know that it will be aired as we seek to digest and understand the inexplicable mind of a madman that is consumed with evil and rage. If society began to treat the mass murderer as we do rape victims, declining to reveal identity and detail about the person, the potential evildoer would be denied the infamy that he seeks, which I believe would diminish the value he would see in committing such a crime.

If we throw up our hands in futility, remaining impotent, we will be potential victims of carnage anywhere in America and our nation will increasingly become an armed camp. 

Last but not least, my thoughts and prayers shall remain with the residents of Newtown, Connecticut, a small town which one person was able to destroy on a day of infamy. May we especially take into our hearts with our own the loved ones and friends of the many innocent victims of an unspeakable act.

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