Bomb Threat Evacuates Peters Township High School

There will be an increase in security over the next few days.

Peters Township High School was evacuated for 15-20 minutes Wednesday morning after a student alerted the administration about a bomb threat written on a wall inside a student restroom.

"While this threat was general and did not appear credible, the district takes all safety matters very seriously and the building was placed in lockdown," stated Shelly Belcher, the district's spokesperson, in an email to parents.

The high school's officer, Peters Township police and Peters Township firefighters searched the building and found nothing.

Belcher said there will be an increase in security over the next few days and that the administration will continue to investigate teh origin of the threat.

momof4 November 30, 2012 at 01:04 AM
It is my understanding that our Administration decided the best way to handle a bomb threat was to first put the school on "Lock Down"t. Excuse me but wouldn't the first logical move be to get all of the students and faculty out of the building? How long was it before someone told them to evacuate and how in the world do you search a building of that size in 15 or 20 minutes? Where dogs brought ?
Kizer December 03, 2012 at 01:57 AM
It doesn't make sense to evacuate everytime. It is a case by case situation. There have been School shooting cases where fire alarms were pulled to evacuate the kids. When the kids went outside they were shot from a shooter laying in wait. This could be the same case with a bomb. If you are in a class room, and you don't see a bomb, wouldn't it make sense to just stay in that class room? If you try to move hundreds of people then it can cause chaos and you could be walking them into danger. It seems in this case they made the right decision by locking down the school, gathering information then making a more informed decision. Either way Monday quarterbaking is annoying, so don't.


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