Man Tries to Rob Route 19 Gas Station in Broad Daylight

The suspect showed a gun and demanded money from the Sunoco on Wednesday afternoon.

A white male in a black hoodie tried to rob the Sunoco on the corner of Washington and North Highland roads at gunpoint on Wednesday afternoon—one of the busiest travel days of the year.

The man behind the register had only been on the job for two days when the suspect pointed a gun at him and demanded money, so he didn't know how to open the register without a customer buying something.

According to an employee at the gas station, the victim struggled with the register, then ran to a back room and locked himself in. The suspect ran off from the gas station without any money.

The Bethel Park police were unable to provide Patch with any details about the attempted robbery until the chief returned to the office. Officers did visit Louis Anthony Jewelers to see if they could see the suspect on the surveillance video.

The attempted robbery might have been connected to at least one other robbery in the area on Wednesday, but Patch has not been able to confirm that information.

The St. Clair Mini Market on Route 19 in Upper St. Clair was robbed at gunpoint earlier this month.


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