Police Planning DUI Patrols in the South Hills

Numerous police departments from across the South Hills are planning to participate in roving DUI patrols this weekend.

Numerous police departments from across the South Hills are planning to participate in roving DUI patrols Friday night and early Saturday morning.

Police officers from Bridgeville, Scott, Heidelberg, Collier, South Fayette, Mt. Lebanon, Castle Shannon, Baldwin Township, Dormont and Green Tree will be out on patrol looking for impaired drivers.

However, there will not be any stationary checkpoints on any roads throughout the night, police said.

This event is in conjunction with the Mt Lebanon Area DUI Task Force and funded through the Pennsylvania DUI Association with grants from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

jibadia shoulda boughtahonda February 20, 2013 at 04:47 PM
so does that mean they can come into any township they would like and can pull someone over for insistents scott township pull someone over in upper saint clair i heard they can do that now with the roving dui idea
jibadia shoulda boughtahonda February 20, 2013 at 04:54 PM
see now they do the roving thing because check points dont work so good anymore since police are corrupt and let certain people know when the check point is going up and where its at and we all let everyone know dont go that direction, I myself don,t drink but id still warn a fellow buddy that does so he dont get screwed over having a beer for super and now sitting in the drunk tank and tazerd and gun jammed down his throught by a crew cut army wanna be, pt cop who beats his ham to catching someone with a weed seed or the smell of mouth wash on their breath NO OFFICER I HAVNT BEEN DRINKING I JUST USED A ACNE PAD ON MY FACE SIR SORRY BUT MY FAMILY IS LAWYERS AND I HAVE THE BEST LAWYER ON MY DEFFENSE SO WHICH WAY YOU WANNA GO WITH THIS thats my favorite line always gets their just puffed up! But i respect honest nice police who arnt about being illeagel hardass punks because they got picked on in highschool i like the poilice that are cool with you and treat you like a humen as long as your cool with them, TY Someone whos family member is a attorney ranked top 10 in the country i dont play that cop stuff sorry you can do it to a highschooler!!! LOVE
Mike Jones February 20, 2013 at 04:55 PM
I don't think so. These police departments are part of the DUI Task Force but patrol in their own communities where they have jurisdiction.


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