USC Police Search for Two Men Who May Have Pocketed Flying Cash

Cash 'well into the six figures' flew out of a bank courier van's rear door on Wednesday afternoon.

 are working to retrieve money "well into the six figures" that on Wednesday afternoon.

Police on Thursday said they've received phone calls from several witnesses and are now pursuing a lead.

Officers are searching for two white males that were in a white Dodge Dakota pickup truck that are believed to have made off with some of the cash down Route 19 south. Police have a partial license plate, which they are not releasing.

Police said it's not too late for the men, or any other person who may have pocketed the money, to return the cash to the police department.

"Technically this is a theft, but under these circumstances we are willing to give people the benefit of the doubt," Lt. James Englert said on Wednesday night.

When asked if the case could have been an inside job, police said they "couldn't get into the specific details of the investigation"

Police also couldn't reveal the amount of cash lost, only that it was "well into the six figures." They retrieved only $400 from the scene on Wednesday.

The  near the intersection of Route 19 and Boyce Road. Somehow the rear door of a bank courier van flew open, and bags of cash fell onto Route 19, causing a crowd of people to congregate—some grabbed the cash and drove off.

"It's not everyday you have U.S. currency swirling in the wind ahead of you," said Lt. Englert on Wednesday night.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Upper St. Clair Police Department at 412-833-7500.

This story originally appeared on Upper St. Clair Patch.


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