Peters Seeks Gaming Money to Replace Sugar Camp Trail Bridge

The township engineer said the bridge is old and action should be taken.

Peters Township Council unanimously approved a resolution Monday night authorizing submission of a grant application for the Sugar Camp Trail Bridge Project. 

The grant application will go to the state's Local Share Account which disburses a share of gaming revenues to help fund community projects, improvements and organizations.

Township Engineer Mark Zemaitis says the bridge is old and needs to replaced.

"It's the same type of bridge that was built around the same time as the Bebout Road one by the same railroad company. They are bridges that the township inherited when it bought the Arrowhead Trail property back in the 1980s.  They've reached their useful lifespan and we're just trying to plan ahead for replacements," he said.

The estimated construction cost is $1,056,199. The township is seeking half of the money in the grant request.

Other News From the Meeting:

  • Township Council also passed a resolution supporting an application of the Peters Creek Sanitary Authority for a Local Share Account Grant for the Venetia and Bower Hill Road Sewer Capacity Project. 
  • Council approved requests by the Peters Township High School cheerleaders to place signs around the township advertising their pancake breakfast on Nov. 17 and permitted the Peters Township High School Thespians Troop to place signs on Arrowhead Trail Bridge announcing their upcoming plays.
Rick Pfeuffer October 12, 2012 at 02:31 PM
Wow, $500,000 is the community share!! What a deal!! I don't see in the article where it actually says the bridge is in need of a "total replacement"... I know it is "old" and they say it has reached its "useful lifespan", but do we have to spend over $1 M on it or is there a less expensive option? Does it even NEED replaced? Or are there other areas in the community that NEED upgraded or repaired? Does anyone have a running tally on what we have spent on Arrowhead Trail?
Aloofnd October 12, 2012 at 03:34 PM
The narrow - and poorly aligned - tunnel is a traffic hazard. No doubt state of the art for horse and buggy in 1912, but in 2012 probably requires fire equipment to detour miles out of their way. It must certainly be replaced; I'd say the variable open to debate would be when. Possibly, how much. Arrowhead trail is a treasure and even when totaled up would still prove quite a bargain impossible to recreate at several times the price. I expect the completed project to look much like the new Bebout Road bridge. Possibly wider at the trail level. The McMurray Road bridge is much nicer at trail level. The point is the demolition phase of the existing Sugarcamp bridge would very likely vastly widen the road area, eliminating the side-to-side choke point for the foreseeable future, and allowing the road to be re-aligned for safe navigation at the NTSB 85th percentile speed. It is something that responsibly managed communities take care of before outdated infrastructure generates a crisis.
JackWard October 13, 2012 at 09:14 AM
Nice information.....


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