Art Students Cheerfully Paint Care Center's Windows

Peters Township High School art honors volunteers embellished the Outpatient Care Center’s windows with holiday scenes Thursday.

Twenty-three  art honors students toted their skills and paintbrushes to the Thursday for a fun field trip. Holiday spirit filled the air, as did Christmas music playing simultaneously from iPod to iPod.

Two weeks ago, Acacia Svonavec, community marketing manager at Canonsburg General Hospital, approached the classrooms about the idea.

“Each year, where I grew up (in Confluence, Pa.) we had a fall festival and 10 to 15 local businesses would paint holiday themes on the windows,” Svonavec said.

“It was such a nice idea for the season. It’s a situation where everybody wins.”

High school art teachers Marguerite Kazalas and Kristin DeGiovanni surveyed the activity as students adorned the clear glass with trees, snowmen, holly, snow, wreaths and more.

“I love art, and I’m always happy to do something to help the community,” said senior Christina Fortunato, who was busy painting a tree scene. “Who isn’t a fan of Christmas? It’s a time to be with family.”

She added that she enjoyed painting in such a beautiful facility.

Senior Shane Johnstonbaugh agreed.

“I was happy to get out of my classes,” Johnstonbaugh laughed. He said it was his first time visiting the facility. 

“I like the Christmas season,” he said. “It’s stressful, but fun.”

Senior Jessica McIntosh helped paint “Happy Holidays,” trees and Christmas figures in the windows.

“We’re working as a team!” she said. “I’m going to be minoring in art at IUP. Oh yeah, and Merry Christmas!”

Senior Lizzie Keller said she really enjoys painting and volunteering. She recently received a gold award for her involvement in Girls Scouts.

Kazalas said she’s happy Svonavec approached their classes. 

“This is a brand new group of students and we’re very happy to be involved in the community,” she said.

Svonavec hopes to carry on the tradition in years to come.


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