Board Approves Basketball Court Upgrade

Peters Township Basketball Association has donated money to pay for the renovations.

The Peters Township School Board has greenlighted refurbishment of the outdoor basketball courts at Peters Township High School. 

The board voted Monday night to award the bid on refinishing the court surface to Lutz Tennis & Asphalt Company at a cost not to exceed $8,550.

Steve Stuck of the Peters Township Basketball Association presented the board with a check for $9,671.00 to pay for the improvements. The association runs youth basketball programs for about 1,000 children from kindergarten through high school. 

"Our board decided about a year ago to do some sort of project for an outdoor basketball court here in Peters Township. We really don't have any viable outdoor courts here in Peters. We're limited on space indoors. So while the weather is good, we wanted to have a couple more courts," Stuck said.

Stuck said the board decided the best option would be to help renovate the high school's outdoor courts which haven't been updated in a while.

"We're gonna totally resurface the courts, the lights will be fixed, the fencing will be fixed. There will be padding put on the poles, the rims will be fixed. It will be a really nice project for everybody ... not just the kids who play basketball but for the school district, gym classes and adults who want to play basketball," Stuck said.

The association has been raising the money for the renovations over the past year. Resurfacing work on the courts will likely start in the next few weeks.    

Can't Reach That High

The school board also discussed an ongoing problem with getting overhead lights changed above the high school swimming pool. 

Renovations nearly a decade ago removed a double door into the pool area which crews used to bring in lifts able to reach the high ceiling lights. 

Now, those lifts can't be brought inside and reaching the overhead lights is tricky. 

The board consulted an architect who suggested installing a new, wider door.  The board has only received one bid for that work which came in at a much higher cost than what the architect estimated. 

Several board members Monday night suggested the buildings and grounds committee hire an architect to design a new double door for the pool at an affordable price.


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