Counselors Available For Students in Peters Township Following Newtown Tragedy

Also, school officials provide recommendations on how you can explain the situation to children.

The Peters Township School District posted the following message on their website:

The tragic news of the event in Newtown, Connecticut has shocked and saddened Peters Township and the nation. As adults we struggle to make sense of today’s news, we know that explaining these events to our children can be a challenge.

As a resource for parents who are addressing these events with their children, we have provided a link to the National Association of School Psychologists with guidelines for talking to children about violence. The link includes details on providing information that is developmentally appropriate for your family.

Counselors in all of our district buildings will be available next week to assist in any way if you or your child need additional assistance.

NASP: Talking to Children About Violence - Tips for Parents and Teachers

How have you addressed the situation with your children? Share your advice in the comments below.

Lauren Woodward December 16, 2012 at 09:23 PM
This information should have been sent in an email blast to the entire district on Friday. I should not have to hunt it down. I have friends in other districts that had this information before their own children even stepped off the bus on Friday. Luckily they shared the information and I have the ability to find it on my own. It would have been very comforting to hear from the leaders of the schools here in Peters as to what they are going to do in the coming weeks to help students, parents, teachers and staff feel safe. Peters needs to step up their leadership and support the community and teachers.


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