Public Forum on High School Renovation

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Community members are invited to attend an informal town hall meeting at to learn more about the .

Teachers and administrators will be on hand to provide more details on the proposed project, and to field questions from the community.

Steve Morreale October 18, 2011 at 10:07 PM
1. Ask the people of the township for the extra money instead of legislatively stealing it from everyone! Some residents may not be able to afford the extra $400-$500 if they are on a fixed income with the cost of living (e.g. groceries) increasing. They may have no benefit from giving this money to the school district instead of using it for some other purpose in their life. E.g., It may be better spent on paying some of the students to cut their grass or shovel their side-walk because they can't do it themselves. But how many of the students get whatever money they need from their parents and have no need to help their neighbors for extra money. Meanwhile their parents get to save $35,000 by having public access to an education that is on the same order as a private boarding school (which would cost them $40,000 a year per child). 2. It won't save $53 Million, but what are the actual and projected costs of the computer operating systems and software licenses at the school? If we want to prepare our PUBLIC school students for the 21st Century of opportunities and make them innovative independent thinkers... then we should be exposing them to more GNU Public Licensed operating systems & GPL software (with no licensing fees & no restrictions/handcuffs on students preventing them from learning, hacking, & sharing. 3. Entrepreneurial learning experience? E.g., Are students raising any money? Free market capitalism is better to teach than theft via taxation & referendum!
Andrea Bosco October 21, 2011 at 09:05 PM
This event was postponed. See breaking news: http://patch.com/A-nfx0.


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