Premier Prom Eve Spring Carnival

New student-organized event a success.

Teachers and students competed in a variety of events at the first ever Spring Carnival at the stadium Friday. A water balloon toss, tug of war and a three-legged race started the festivities.

After the opening ceremonies, the students were called into the auditorium by grade to pick up their yearbook, True Life.

Students jumped around in inflatable games, boxing, the wrecking ball and an obstacle course. They also played a variety of games, ring toss, skee ball, etc.

Two local bands, populated by students at the high school, performed at the event. 

Skasage, a ska band, comprised of Josh Orr, Sam Stasik, Andy Shope, Jake Locke, David Copeland, H.B. Hull and Pat Flaherty, opened the event. Skasage has performed at the Meatballs and Music event, a pep rally and at Cefalo's, a nightclub in Carnegie. Copeland formed the band after getting the other members into ska music. The band picked Reel Big Fish, Streetlight Manifesto and the Supervillains as their favorite ska bands.

The festive danceable music reverberated throughout the field thanks to Sean Sullivan, Matty Smith and the rest of the A/V crew.

They were followed by Borderline, an alternative rock band consisting of Mitch Stowers, Xander Browell, Ben Nicholson, Prit Roy and Daniel Ketyer. Its previous engagements include at the stadium and at a wedding reception in downtown Pittsburgh. Borderline played covers of Linkin Park, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Foo Fighters and an original song, “Get me Through.”

Hull, Copeland, Orr and Locke are also the eponymous four in the Yavin Four, a Fusion/Funk/Jazz band (Note: Yavin 4 is a fictional planet in the Star Wars mythology).

There were a variety of free snacks, including popcorn.

Math teacher Chris Whalen sat in the precarious chair of the Dunk Tank, until someone hit the bullseye and he came splashing down. Whalen proved to be a good sport as he continuously returned to the chair after being dunked.


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