Sandy Gregg to Join Peters School Board Nominees on November Ballot

A quorum of 75 percent of the Peters Township Republican Committee voted Wednesday night to place Gregg’s name on the Nov. 8 ballot as a Republican nominee for Peters Township School Board director.

Peters Township Republicans convened a panel Saturday to select a nominee for Peters Township School Board director, following notice of President Diane Ritter’s Nov. 8 ballot withdrawal.

“Diane Ritter removed her name off of the ballot,” said PTR Co-Chair Lauren Zajdel. “She served admirably for a number of years. She filed her paperwork, and we sought candidates.”

Sandy Gregg won the vote Wednesday night by a 75 percent quorum of the Peters Township Republican Committee after careful deliberation, Zajdel said.

“She’s a former board member,” she said. “Her children are now college age and she feels she’ll have the time to commit.”

Zajdel said the committee was looking for someone with fiscal responsibility, and is hoping Gregg will help to provide that.

Four candidates were sought, one withdrew and three interviewed Wednesday night, according to Zajdel. Among interviewees were and Belle Spasenko.

“We feel we achieved our mission under such short notice,” she said. “Whether we have one year or two days, we’re always seeking candidates.”

As for board member , who recently resigned, the status of her name on the Nov. 8 ballot is unclear, Zajdel said.

It’s officially too late to withdraw from November elections, so we’re not sure what Sullivan will do if elected, she said.

Gregg’s paperwork was filed Thursday morning at the Washington County Elections Office.

Ted Taylor 4 August 25, 2011 at 06:46 PM
Best of Luck Mrs. Gregg! Welcome Back, We Missed You!


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