Three Media Students Proudly Receive Sy Lerner Award

These seniors had the ultimate impact on the Peters Township Cable Television station's operations this year.

Annually, senior students who have made outstanding contributions in television production, computer skills, set design and/or creativity to Peters Township Community Television are honored with the Sy Lerner Award.

This year's winners did just that. Sara Cavolo, Kevin Corrigan and Eric Yeckley are the senior students who had the most impact on the station's operations, according to Ryan Boni, public access director for Community TV.

"All three of these students really took advantage of the opportunities the station had to offer," he said. "They definitely embraced it. They were always willing to try new things, whether it was editing or new styles of shooting." 

Sy Lerner, of which the award was named, was the first president/chairperson of the Peters Township Cable TV Board. He helped to bring cable TV into Peters, and passed away before the station actually aired, Boni said. 

Lerner was responsible for negotiating the first cable TV franchise agreement in Peters Township, which included the inception of public access television, according to the TV station's website.

The students accepting the award this year helped out the most in the station, Boni said. 

"There were very few days you wouldn't see these students with a piece of equipment. We wanted to really honor that."


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