Peters Junior Football Wins Two Unprecedented Championships

The 2011 G19 Super Bowl championship games were hosted by North Allegheny earlier this month.

The Peters Township Junior Football Association (PTJFA) recently finished its most successful fall tackle season.  

Drawing nearly 200 PT youth ages 6–12, PTJFA fielded 10 teams across 4 different age levels this season. PTJFA is part of the Greater 19 Youth Football League (G19), an organization comprised of football associations from Bethel Park, Canon-McMillan, Chartiers Valley, Keystone Oaks, North Allegheny, Peters Township, Seneca Valley, South Fayette and Upper St. Clair. 

At the end of this year’s regular season, PTJFA had eight teams advance to the first round of the G19 playoffs, the most ever in a single season. Six of those teams advanced to the second round of playoffs, with five of those games held at the  stadium on Oct. 29.  

Ultimately, four PTJFA teams qualified for the championship games, the most PTJFA teams to qualify for the championship games in a single year.

The 2011 G19 Super Bowl championship games were hosted by North Allegheny at its high school stadium on Nov. 5. It was a great day of football for Peters, ending with two Super Bowl Champion Titles and two Super Bowl runner-ups.

Super Bowl Champs

8/9 PT Red:  PT 20 – North Allegheny 7

10/11 PT White:   PT 6 – Seneca Valley 0

Super Bowl Runners-Up

6/7 PT Red:  PT 6 – Keystone Oaks 13

8/9 PT White:  PT 6 – Seneca Valley 13

Since 2000, when PTJFA helped form the G19 league, PTJFA has won a total of 8 championship titles. Four of these titles have been won in just the last three years, with a win by 6/7 PT Black in 2009 and a win by 6/7 PT White last year in addition to the 2011 season’s unprecedented two championship wins.

PTJFA Super Bowl Champions

2011 – PT Red 8/9 – Head Coach Shawn McCall

2011 – PT White 10/11 – Head Coach Darrell Gudenburr

2010 – PT White 6/7 – Head Coach Rick Pfeuffer

2009 – PT Black 6/7 – Head Coach Shawn McCall

2007 – PT Black 6/7 – Head Coach Darrell Gudenburr

2005 – PT Black 10/11 – Head Coach Rich Erenberg

2002 – PT 8/9 – Head Coach Ed Hancock

2001 – PT 6/7 – Head Coach Rich Erenberg


PTJFA offers Peters Township youth ages 6-12 the opportunity to learn and play the great game of football in an environment that promotes good sportsmanship, teamwork and fun. PTJFA is sponsored by the Peters Township Parks & Recreation Department and is part of the Greater 19 Youth Football League. In addition to the fall tackle program, PTJFA also offers a Spring Skills and Agility camp and a Spring Flag Football program. For more information, visit www.ptjfa.org.


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