Patch Pet of the Month: Showin' Off Shelley

Who has room in their heart and home for this girl?

When Shelley smiles, she lights up like a sunbeam. Even when she is more subdued, with her perfect figure, terra-cotta coat, mauve nose and amber eyes, she is still a stunner. Lean down to say hi and she is quick to lick your face in a happy, enthusiastic greeting.

Shelley is coming close to her 1-year anniversary at Angel Ridge, but she hasn’t given up hope on finding a new home to share with a welcoming family. She has been very patient and incredibly easy-going during her long stay.

Volunteers vie to take Shelley for a walk and to spend time with her because she is so into people.

Her story began when she was found at a construction site and led workers to her newborn pups that were stuck in a sewer grate. As expected, all the puppies were whisked off to new homes by the workers who followed the little orange dog back to the captive pups, but “mom” was left behind.

Hearing of the little pup's pitiful plight, a Bethel Park woman named Shelley made it her mission to rescue the dog nobody wanted. She gathered contributions for vetting the young mother left behind and contacted Angel Ridge to take her. 

The new arrival was dubbed Shelley in honor of her compassionate rescuer.

Her face is often set in a serious expression as though she must be contemplating something or concentrating on some mysterious dog-thought, but Shelley is easy to get to smile with just a word or touch.

Still quite a youngster herself, Shelley has been a joy to spend time with. She loves to be around people, is not tough to walk and she doesn’t seem to be flustered by anything. She has been to off-site events radiating her charm while spread eagled on the floor, chubby, flexible back legs flattened like drumsticks surrounding her tail for maximum cooling effect.

She has been the perfect little girl around toddlers, rough-n-tumble young boys and everyone of every age, large and small. She takes treats with gentle pink lips and she knows that she has to sit before she can have one.

Much of the time she sits atop her plastic doghouse inside her kennel and just takes it all in. Clearly Shelley is perfectly content to lounge and cuddle just as much (maybe even more) as play. She is an extremely huggable baby-doll that people who are unfamiliar with the loving ways of pit bulls are missing out on.

Shelley could teach anybody a lot about how wonderful a companion this breed—and particularly this singular dog—will be.

If you have a question or would like to meet Shelley, call Judy at 724-223-9325 or Cindy at 412-576-3445, or email cindy.coupe@verizon.net.

Angel Ridge Animal Rescue


390 Old Hickory Ridge Road

Washington, PA 15301

Hours: Noon to 5 p.m. Tues.-Sun.

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Shelly Belcher September 11, 2012 at 12:40 PM
A year and half ago, we adopted our dog from Angel Ridge - what a great place! Ellie has become a part of our family and we're so glad that Cindy and the others rescued her for us!


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