Jennifer Rignani
Jennifer Rignani wrote and illustrated her first story, "Mac the Mouse" in 1972. Since this was before the advent of digital press, she was content to reproduce the first eight copies by hand before giving up and going skateboarding.
In 1998, she got her second big break, landing a feature for Pittsburgh Magazine, where she later worked as the associate editor. Since then she has written for a dozen magazines and newspapers, including The Sandpaper, where her office overlooked the beach. Though every piece of writing is near and dear, portfolio faves include the history of marshmallow Peeps, mine-sniffing army dogs, wilderness camp for teen offenders and an interview with Olympian Roger Kingdom. In real-life, Rignani is passionate about food, travel, fashion, all things Italian, Marvin Gaye and watching any of the Real Housewives to determine if they are kidding. A love of words and a life-long commitment to address issues of poverty and civil rights stems from extremely decent parents and the transformative experience of reading "Black Boy" by Richard Wright at age 12. Proudest moments include being a whistleblower in a huge racial discrimination case, working as the publicist assistant on "The Silence of the Lambs," surviving Russian adoption AND a C-section, appearing as a guest on Oprah, but not fawning and scoring a $3500 Perlora couch on Craigslist for $200.
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