Bites Nearby: Sesame Inn

Open sesame and bust a rut.

When was the last time you actually ate inside the ? Nibbling on one of their steamy, moist eggrolls while you wait for your takeout doesn’t count. Go in and sit with your family the next time you get a hankering for Sesame Inn’s consistently tasty Chinese and Thai selections. Not so fast though. Before you even dare order another plate of General Tso's chicken, try something new! I dare you! It’s all good, really and truly.   

Service at this Peters locale (and the one in Mount Lebanon) is great. Don’t worry if the little ones chuck a bit of rice on the floor; they seem not to mind. Because the place is so convivial, people dining without children (read peaceful) will not be annoyed by any Muppet-sized cacophony.

The hustle and bustle of the friendly wait staff and the absurdly quick arrival of your food tempers the temper. I believe that Sesame Inn is consistently good, but I swear the food is much better when you are physically there. Portions seem larger and everything is much fresher. The atmosphere is anything but cheesy — it feels like a nice neighborhood place with a much larger menu.

On a chilly Tuesday night after trucking everyone to their respective lessons and duties, I decided this cook was getting out of the kitchen. Five of us sat for a leisurely meal — it was just right. Feeling adventurous, we switched it up. An order of walnut chicken, vegetable pad Thai, and beef and broccoli later, we were stuffed. I was pleasantly surprised by the chicken; I am not big on walnuts, but these were so integral to the chicken that any nuttiness, that may have been too much, blended wonderfully.

Aside from the Chinese-inspired décor and fun drinks like the Sake Martini, the place is reasonable. Dinner for five with two beers was $54. Not bad, considering it’s very easy to spend that much at McDonald's when the troops are starved. Sesame Inn has been a mainstay in the area for a long time and it should not be taken for granted. Treat yourself to someone else serving your Chinese food and take everyone out.


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